Our approach at DTS combines the best of local proximity through on-site support that is integrated with the customer and complemented by global resources for increased cost-effectiveness. DTS is a recognized leader in the whole of Dubai providing application management services whether on Cloud, on-perm and also private. Our services will improve the efficiency of your system with full automation, increasing agility and moves the attention from fault detection to prevention using artificial intelligence. This will increase operational efficiencies, enabling swift responses to implement innovations across your application.

Typically, application management comprises a ticketing service through which chronic issues are dealt with on a case-to-case basis. Most IT companies focus on keeping up with the latest releases to avoid skipping any special features. Companies that wish to stay ahead of the game, need to rethink their approach to application management.

We offer on-site and remote services or any kind of two combined services as per you your requirements. We have the capacity and capability to boost your functional and technical application management services. Working in close coordination with your team gives us a chance to provide the best services at your doorstep.

We provide:

  • End-to-end solutions that focus on creating business value and driving innovation.
  • Years of experience in application management services.
  • 24/7 coverage for critical processes.
  • A ‘global’ approach that combines local expertise with global resources.

  • Dubai Tech Services provides a comprehensive IT solution package to our respected customers ranging from server maintenance to highly professional and the best server management services in Dubai at just a moment's notices. DTS is considered to be among the top list of IT support companies in Dubai, IT Companies in Dubai, IT Solutions Company, Tech Companies in UAE, IT consulting companies in UAE, top software companies in Dubai and IT companies in Dubai for freshers.

    Our services for Application Maintenance are:
    We create and maintain detailed guiding materials for the user like user manuals, FAQS and Product details. Fix usability issues or improve the usefulness of the application.
    Application infrastructure such as cloud maintains, data capacity etc.
    Application customization, adding new functionality and modifying existing requirements.

    Performance Issues:

    We fix networking and DNS connectivity issues, improve loading time of page, improve poorly written code that leads to memory leakages or synchronization issues, improve poorly distributed load, monitor traffic spikes, specified HTML tags for better search engine optimization.

    Database Maintenance:

    We deal with all security related issues of the database, take proper backups after a fixed interval of time, remove database abnormalities, remove duplicates from the database and make a database to opera rations smooth and keep monitoring data storage.

    Finally, our software applications are widely used tools that run every operation. It evolves quickly due to rapid change in the requirements. Therefore we recommend regularly maintain and support the applications. Some applications need to update regularly, while some applications need continuous improvements. The cost for application maintenance and support is 50% in the software development life cycle. Therefore the originations need to maintain their software cost-effectively. Dubai tech serveries maintain your application effectively and regularly.