IBM Cloud Services

Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence services make a computer capable of learning itself that is also called machine learning, copy the perception, learn by itself if any problem arises, find its solution independently, and when needed, make a suitable decision to keep in view the situation.
We guarantee that the experts` team at DTS utilize the latest in-practice technologies. Our provided AI could perform a great deal of business automation, helping your business to grow at a fast pace. It increases workflow efficiency, reduces hassles and manages application.
Our highly skilled and experienced Cloud services experts are fully prepared to provide a fully functional AI package solution to your business application, so that AI may boost your business and at the same time ease the burden by learning and making decisions itself so that you may divert your attention on the other more needed aspects of the business. The expert team of Dubai Tech Services is highly trained to offer any related support for the IBM Cloud services.
The multi-purpose Dubai Tech Services (DTS) provides a comprehensive IT solution package to our respected customers ranging from server maintenance to highly professional and the best server management services in Dubai at just a moment's notices.

Hybrid cloud

If we call our strategy a hybrid strategy, it will not be wrong. We put full focus on the hybrid cloud market industry that will allow enterprises to connect with their clients worldwide and eliminate geographical boundaries.
This is why you should choose Dubai Tech Services to provide a complete hybrid cloud IT support at a moment's notice and provide you several benefits such as control, speed, and reduced cost. DTS is a complete all-in-one IT support solution to your IT functions. DTS is capable of providing all the relevant cloud services at your doorstep with cost-effective ideas and solutions that are guaranteed to profit your business.


Our facility is fully equipped and manned with a highly skilled force of experts 24/7 to assist your operations and maintain our infrastructure at optimum level. Our provided services are delivered without any downtime or with the least downtime in times of infrastructure maintenance.
For the satisfaction of our respected customers, it is significant to mention that DTS infrastructure includes containers, high-performance computers, high-tech servers maintained to perform at the optimum level of full capacity, all the high storage with complete software and hardware security and database & networking services. All this and much more is offered from only one platform of Dubai Tech Services.

Cloud Services

With its high tech equipment and highly experienced team of experts, Dubai Tech Services is fully capable of providing cost-effective world-class cloud services to help transform and grow your business with the ease of cloud service provided from the platform of Dubai Tech Services.
Our services may include cloud modernization, cloud development, cloud management and at the same time fasten up the IT transformation of your business. All this and much more is provided from the budget-friendly yet high-quality services so that you may focus on the more important parts of the business.
When it comes to your business's fast growth, then Dubai Tech Services is the right platform for your business IT solutions. We guarantee the success of your operations, software and applications once you avail yourself of the IBM Cloud Services from our cost-effective packages.