Microsoft Azure

DTS is the best company to provide Microsoft Azure services, which is one of the best cloud platforms. Our experienced and professional team uses advanced Microsoft services and tools. We aim to provide quality services to our clients to help them to grow. Our services include Server-less database know as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data bricks for processing data, Microsoft Power BI cloud base environment, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Stream Analytics etc. Kophes Azure certified experts offer you services that help you to adopt cloud for enterprise-wide operations. We give you several technical and consultation solution to just start working on azure or robust your working cloud environment.

How we can serve you?

We are one of the best partners of the Microsoft platform with a good working experience in the Internet of things, High-performance computing, storing, testing and backup etc.
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  • Our Offers for you:

    We offer Microsoft Azure cloud server which falls into three main categories:
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • This is what you get with the different levels of cloud offerings:

    Microsoft Azure IaaS:

    This is the most basic Microsoft Azure offering, which gives you a server in the cloud. Opting for that service, you are in full control over the virtual machine, and are responsible for managing everything from the operating system up to the application you are running.

    In the present era the business whether small or large face several challenges all over the world, from ensuring a remote work infrastructure and then responding to the ever-increasing online attacks from rogue elements on the internet to managing lessened finance flows. You take the benefits of highly scalable and most secure cloud computing infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and just pay for the services that you only use.

    Microsoft Azure PaaS:

    This service model also provides an operating system, a database, a web server, an environment for executing your code, and additional services such as identity management. By choosing PaaS for your project needs, Microsoft Azure Cloud Service puts up with all of the tedious operating system details for you, so you can focus all your energy on what matters to you – developing business applications your customers will love.

    The PaaS uses virtual techniques so that machine is completely free from the need for hardware on the ground that is hosting it. Azure cloud services comprise of two components, one is application files such as source code, DLL and some others, and the second is the configuration file. When two of these combine then they define the roles of web and workers. On cloud computing services, Azure manages all the work of the operating system on the behalf of subscriber so that all the focus could be managed for application development.

    Microsoft Azure SaaS:

    The model where applications are built and hosted through third-party vendors that usually charge for a certain amount of service – Microsoft Office 365 is one such example. Today, most SaaS applications are built on a cloud platform due to the low cost of entry and the ability to scale up as your customer base grows. It allows subscribers to connect to cloud-based applications online. It provides complete software solutions, pay-as-you-go billing payment, hardware and software both are provided by the service provider and activation of the applications without any delay.