Network and Server Migration

DTS can assist the clients with high-tech capabilities and accelerate the growth of the business. If you are struggling to compete in the ever-competing markets then we are here to support you in every Network and Server Migrations. We can help in sales` growth with a considerable margin with the help of our highly qualified team of experts.

Empower yourself to seize an opportunity of successful services delivery with us and reach the unreachable. Let our migration team of experts at DTS evaluate your existing networks and servers, so your business could be ready to meet any challenge in the future and overcome any challenge. We fully takeover the Networks and Server Migration operations to assist you in the successful delivery of services as per your needs and demands.

lEt our equipment and team do the hard work for you while you focus on other more important business matters. We will also use every relevant tool to analyze your network while allowing us to show you easily the current situation of the network. The analysis report will identify and categorize all your servers, websites, workloads, applications and data services. The report will also include the whole migration plan.

We believe that almost all modern era business relies on networks to store and organize important company data. Networks and interconnected systems allow businesses to centralize and share significant information. This means that employees can access the data from various locations, which will increase flexibility and also productivity.

We will also increase your limited data storage capacity on the network. Network migration involves transferring the data and programs from the previous network to a newly installed network. This migration could become an effort to start using a new network, but it is pertinent to mention that it can also include extending the network with add-on systems. We recommend that network migration may be necessary in some cases, it come with its dedicated share shortcomings that businesses need to be prepared for at every time.

Dubai Tech Services provides a comprehensive IT solution package to our respected customers ranging from server maintenance to highly professional and the best server management services in Dubai at just a moment's notices. DTS is considered to be among the top list of IT support companies in Dubai, IT Companies in Dubai, IT Solutions Company, Tech Companies in UAE, IT consulting companies in UAE, top software companies in Dubai and IT companies in Dubai for freshers.


If your office load increases and your current network is unable to bear the heavy load, now that's the time. When you need to migrate servers and networks. However, the migration of networks and servers are not an easy task. Dubai tech services. We are here to help you in migrating your server and network. We also perform two types of network migrations
(I) Migrating current servers to the new network
(II) Migrating current servers to the same network.
Our team take the following steps for server and network migration
Planning: Where we analyze your current and estimated requirements.
Set-up and Migration: Perform migration with data fidelity.
Quality Assurance: Perform detailed testing after migration
Support and Maintenance: Perform ongoing support.
To conclude we recommend our respected old and new customers to only trust Dubai Tech Services with the Network and Server Migration services for an exclusive experience. This is highly important because your business networks are important for the sake of your future business growth.